Website Design

Are you looking for a website that really shows off you and your business?
We can help.

“I never thought I’d be as happy and proud of my website as I am! All the feedback I have had has been incredibly positive and it seems to have captured and expressed exactly what was needed.”
Tara, Birth As It Is

Proudly designed

Together with a brilliant team, I design fresh, contemporary and beautiful websites to attract your customers to your business. Websites that you love and more importantly, will connect you to your customers.

I can create and design a website that will accurately and magnificently reflect your business in an affordable way. I don’t believe that small businesses should have to pay a fortune to get a good website.

Some clients come to me because they have a website but perhaps the person who built it has left the company, or they simply want to edit the site themselves. I can teach you how to do this too as we believe the web should be accessible and fun!

I convert your vision into an incredible website representing your business beautifully.

I use WordPress and incorporate my SEO knowledge into the website design, working with you to build a page structure, making suggestions to the copy, how you tag your images and the finer details to get it just right. I love to create websites that you can manage after launch, so that you feel empowered to edit your website text and images yourself.

I have a great team of trusted business associates so should you require custom coding or specific graphic work, I will manage the project for you so you don’t need to manage multiple conversations, leaving you to crack on with running your business.

To give you an idea of the service I can provide:

  • Domain name purchase and connection to hosting (if needed)
  • Ensuring you have an appropriate hosting package
  • Selecting the Wordpress theme with you which is most appropriate to your business
  • Working to create a responsive design to ensure your design looks great on all devices
  • Installation and set up of key plugins
  • Redirects on all pages from old site to new site
  • Up to 15 pages (I load the content for you)
  • Set up About, Contact, Portfolio, Testimonials pages
  • I will place and style the following elements for you – content, images, header, colors, fonts, navigation menu, footer elements, contact form, favicon, comment form fields, submit buttons
  • Social media buttons
  • Setting up email address under your domain
  • A handy PDF on how to edit your text and images once your website is launched
  • 3 months’ email support


Prices start from £1500

DIY Website Consultation

When I meet with my clients whether it’s on marketing coaching calls, social media consultations, initial chats, when I speak at workshops or events, I’m often made aware that you’re keen to build your own website or you have been attempting to do so for some time, either you don’t have the budget or you simply don’t want to relinquish control. I get it, your business is precious. Nevertheless I get asked a lot to share advice and so it is that I’m now offering website consultation calls at £99 for 90 minutes.

We’ll discuss:

  • Copy and images – what to share and how
  • Technical setup
  • How you’re going to get traffic
  • So much more…

If you’re in need of photography, I’ll put you in touch with great photographers. If you’re in need of copywriting, I’ll happily connect you (perhaps with my very own team if we’re a good fit!) and of course I’m always available to help with SEO advice.

Fee – £99

Maddy’s energy, knowledge and insight made all the difference in supporting me to make my website a reality, one step at a time, rather than just an idea.
Maddy has natural abilities in this area of work and is extremely committed to what she does. She is very reliable, has a high level of client care, is always easy and fun to work with and supported me to be fully involved, which was very empowering. I would for sure recommend her and her services to anyone interested in building a website or growing and expanding their business through social media and marketing. One is very fortunate to have the opportunity of working with Maddy and I plan to find excuses to continue to work with her as I grow my business, as she is just so brilliant to have on board!
I never thought I’d be as happy and proud of my website as I am!
Tara, Birth As It Is