Pinterest is vital if your business is visual.

Pinterest Love Whole Course


• Use our guided step-by-step approach and build out an effective Pinterest presence without wasting time or experiencing the confusion and overwhelm of going it alone without results.
• Take your Pinterest presence from proper set-up to the fully optimized sales machine in just 12 weeks.
• We’re here for you. Join us for this direct, supportive and cost-effective sequence, and see how easy it can be to win on Pinterest.

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Pinterest Love Block 1 – Start Well


Build for success:

  • Launch or upgrade your professional Pinterest account
  • Get your work found by assembling stellar Pinterest boards
  • Optimize pin images to boost sharing and brand loyalty
  • Drive more traffic to your website with your pins

From important set-up to key insider insights, this module is designed to get your foundational Pinterest presence rocking and rolling, shining a bright light on your assets.  70% of Pinterest users pin wedding-related content before they’re even engageed. You need to get on their radar.

Pinterest Love Block 2 – Increase your reach


 Build for success:

  • Publicize your Pinterest account effectively
  • Update and evolve your look successfully
  • Use the right tools to style your Pinterest presence
  • Expertly optimize your pins for search results
  • Leverage group boards to reach new soon-to-be fans

Take your freshly optimized Pinterest account to new heights by magnetizing more fans, positioning yourself as the brilliant creative and profesional you are, and reaping the benefits of a beautifully engaging presence. Pinterest drives nearly 50% of all social media-based ecommerce. Now is the time to shine on Pinterest.

Pinterest Love Block 3 – Reach new heights



  • Become an authority in your industry
  • Run engaging Pinterest contests
  • Utilize Pinterest Analytics to hone your strategy
  • Rock Promoted Pins to your advantage
  • Leverage Rich Pins and reap the benefits
  • Drive sales. Drive sales. Drive sales.

In this supercharged sales-focused module, you’ll be empowered to take Pinterest all the way with expert instruction on using both free and paid Pinterest advertising tools. Pinterest traffic spends more than double that of Facebook traffic. You definitely want to be part of that statistic.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All course fees are non-refundable.
  2. The material in the course content is no guarantee for sales, particularly if you don’t follow the course content.
  3. Your information is completely confidential to us.
  4. The course content should be treated as confidential and should not be shared or forwarded to any other parties.
  5. Whilst we make every effort to ensure the information we share in the tutorials is accurate and up to date, you should bear in mind that we have no affiliation with Pinterest and are therefore not party to their inner workings.